“Speechless”: In Search of Happiness and Communication

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month. About 40% of people who have a stroke have difficulty communicating, a health condition called aphasia. DCO member Voices of Aphasia is offering a free screening of the one-hour documentary “Speechless”.  The film shows three stroke survivors struggling to regain their life after the loss of communication skills. Through their story we witness a quest for happiness and the real meaning of human communication.Continue reading

New DCO Member – Voices of Hope for Aphasia

Voices of Hope for Aphasia, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that started in St. Petersburg, and is thrilled and proud to now be offering programs at the Hale Activity Center to benefit Dunedin
citizens and residents of the surrounding areas.
We are the only community-based aphasia program in West Central Florida, providing group-based programs for adults with communication disabilities due to stroke or other brain injury. People with communication disabilities typically experience social isolation, difficulty participating in conversations and other social activities, due to their disability. They may end up sitting at home, in front of the TV, isolated and lonely with the exception of their immediate family. Our programs are the remedy to this problem – we provide communication supports that empower and enable everyone to fully participate in conversation and activities that are accessible to all.

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