Research Your Scots or Irish Roots – Free Seminar

Research Your Scots Irish Roots

This is a Free Event
Open to Everyone
No Tickets Necessary

Interested in researching your heritage and don’t know where to start or getting stuck? This could be the event for you!

The Scottish American Society of Dunedin, together with the Daughters of the American Revolution is holding a seminar on researching your Scottish or Irish roots at the Scottish Culture Center, 917 Louden Avenue, Dunedin on February 9,2022. There will be a number of other groups present like the Pinellas Genealogical Society and the Suncoast Genealogy Society to help you discover your heritage. This is a free seminar, all are welcome to attend.

There will be presentations by several of these organizations which will get you started and help you find out where your ancestors came from and the impact they made in creating this Great Country.
Admission is Free and All are Welcome!