Dunedin Cares PB&J Challenge April Through May 15

Elementary schools.org says 50.87% of the students in Dunedin Public elementary and middle schools, as well as, the surrounding community schools participate in free or reduced rate lunch programs. During school summer vacation a financial hardship for families and hunger for student’s increases.  Our statistics show us running low and running out in past years. So the community’s help is needed.

The Challenge: Create a friendly competition among local businesses, churches, civic organizations to hold their own Food Drives for the needed items. The organization weighing in with the most donated food at the end of the Challenge WINS.

For more information visit Dunedin Cares PB&J Challenge or contact Mike or Lynn Farrell at 727-446-1469 or mikef@dunedincares.org  We thank you for your interest and participation.

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Dena Hurst