DCO Bicycle Rack Dedication Ceremony – Friday, Feb. 19th

Mark your calendars

The DCO Bike Rack is complete.

Dedication ceremony will be Friday, February 19th at 9am on the Dunedin Causeway near Sail Honeymoon.

We have chosen this date because of the general DCO meeting for February, on that same date, and we are hoping our general membership will attend following the meeting at the Country Club that morning.

There will be a Ribbon Cutting ceremony with both DCO and City Officials taking part.

Please let everyone know the date and time and let’s have a great dedication.

New Marketing and Communication Plan

In an effort to improve communication with the public and with their members, Dunedin Council of Organizations (DCO) directors formed a DCO homepageMarketing and PR Committee in June of this year, and tasked them with devising a new marketing and communication plan. Based on the recommendations of the committee, DCO has undertaken the development of a new website, Facebook page, quarterly newsletter and email delivery system.  In addition to improving communications, these enhancements will help DCO to streamline operations, reduce expenses, expand their membership and deliver more value to their existing members.Continue reading